My HTML & CSS journey with Hitesh Sir

My HTML & CSS journey with Hitesh Sir

Overview of the course

I have been following Hitesh Sir since my 1st year of BCA but only on youtube, I haven’t purchased any of his courses till my final year. In the 5th semester, I purchased his Pro Backend course. I fell in love with his teaching style. He has the talent to explain complex topics in the easiest way possible.

When he launched the Fullstack Javascript Web developer Bootcamp, I immediately enrolled. Initially, I was a bit disappointed. The videos available on iNeuron dashboard are LCO’s videos and at LCO, the cost of that courses were around 3000-4000 (INR). I thought I was scammed, but when the live classes started, it is worth every penny.

In the live classes, all the important topics are taught in great detail and for the remaining topics, we can refer to the pro recorded videos. We are also taught how to read the documentation.

About my prior knowledge of HTML & CSS

Though I was knowing HTML & CSS but was not having confidence on it, now after completing the HTML, and CSS section, I can build any type of UI.

I was knowing the flexbox, the margin and padding, the float, the position, and so on. But I was struggling in centering an element in the div 😊.

But when Hitesh Sir gave his MANTRA to focus on one element at a time. I was able to complete the projects.

Earlier I was not able to code for an hour or so, but now how I am able to code for 5-6 hours daily, I am very surprised at myself.

About the projects

In the HTML, and CSS section, we were given a few challenges and 15 webpages to build.

Initially, I thought about how would I complete them but soon as Hitesh Sir was pushing us so much, I was able to complete them on time.

We have also cloned 3 websites like PayTm, Rode, and Shopify using Tailwind CSS.

You can have a look on these projects on my github - link to repo.

I faced a lot of challenges in completing these projects but eventually, I completed them through a lot of googling and watching tutorials.

In the JavaScript section, We have completed given more than 40+ projects like age calculator, word counter, mp3 player, etc. I have completed 14 out of them, have a look at them on my github.


Currently, I am learning the backend using node.js and till now everything is going well thanks to Hitesh Sir and Anurag Sir. Hope everything will go smoothly.