A cheat sheet for a must know Git Commands

A cheat sheet for a must know Git Commands

What is git?

Git is a open source distributed version control system. It is locally install on a system and keep track on the changes made in the repository it is initialized.

Basic git commands

git config --global user.name <your name>
git config --global user.email <your email>

git config is used to configure the git account.

git status

check if git is enabled or not and which files are tracked or changed.

git init

initialize the git into the local repository

git add <file name> or .

push the file(s) to staging

git commit -m "Initial  Commit"

To make a commit

git remote add origin https://github.com/karanch577/test-github.git

It defines the the path of the online repository to which the files are to be pushed

git push -u origin main

Update remote refs along with associated objects

git log

The git log command is executed to list and filter the project history